August 11, 2013

Eat, Sleep, Run

This post has been in my head for a while. I just never wrote it, because it's even more off topic than all my other discussion posts from the last few weeks.
And looking at all those discussions I know will be up in the following weeks, I really shouldn't write this. But I will because it's my blog and I do what I want to. Hehe...
Most of you guys know by now that I'm obsessed with two things. Reading and running. And food. And lately TV. Not with maths, obviously. But that's beside the point.
Eat. Sleep. Run. My Life.
The point of this post is to tell you about my running story and maybe inspire you to be a runner, too. Maybe, maybe.
It all started when I was five. No kidding. My uncle took me on a run of which I remember nothing at all anymore (my family shot a million pics, though, so that's how I know).
Then, I didn't think of running the next nine years to come.
I'd always been athletic, mostly loved swimming and soccer and just running around in general. But running for the sake of times and miles? Nahhh
Then I turned 14. That summer was particularly awful. I didn't just lie in bed all day doing nothing (except read and watch movies and shows) - I did that plus felt awful the whole time.
You know how it is, being 14. Nothing about your body looks normal or like it should or like in the magazines. You feel chubby and weird (or, in some of my friends' cases, scrawny and weird).
That's when my aunt and mom suggested I go running. Just like that. Just to try it.
As soon as so much time had passed that they wouldn't remember it had been their idea in the first place, I put on those H&M juicies we all thought were cool and started running around the neighbourhood.
Start saying "I will" @Ashley Glade will like this one. #FitFluential @Alexandra Williams 
It was awful. I had my Ipod, of course, but the rest of it? Awful. Too hot, too much polyester and too many people staring.
But did I quit? No.
Those 10 minutes (it was never more than that) a day filled me with the kind of satisfaction nothing else could give me. I'd feel so lazy all day, every day and that bit of exercise really helped me...not feel so lazy anymore. I added a bit of very awkward, absolutely wrong Pilates while watching TV.
But it was SOMETHING!
And I kept it up. Come fall, I'd run 20 minutes a day. ( Definitely not how you should start doing it, but how should I know?) During the winter, I replaced running with online exercise videos and Pilates (again:no clue what I was doing) and then I picked up running again in the spring. That year, I started my first real training plan, got running clothes (a relief!) and in the winter of 2010, after running in my gym shoes for 2 years, I got my first Níke running shoes.
I ran throughout that entire winter and the following year without ever taking a break. I just ran, almost every day, proud of my accomplishments each time I got home exhausted.
Don't let the weather keep you from getting your sweat on!  @espnW
One big change in my running routines is happening right now, though. As I learn more and more about running on fitness blogs and magazines and since I ran my first real race in April, I want to get more out of it. I want to get faster, stronger. I want to compete in races and I want to do fine.
Also, I have to confess I kind of want to start a Running blog to report my progress... :D
My Questions for You Today:
Do you run? Or do any other sport?
How did you get into it?
And would you like to read about running more often on this blog - or would you like to see a running blog?
Get off the couch and go


  1. I don't run, but it's something that (and I can't help but look at that little image you put in here) I wish I did. I don't really do anything active as of right now, and I don't feel bad about it, but I know I should do something. Last year I would go to the local state park and go walking through the trees and that was fun, but my car died and it's a bit of a drive so I have no way of getting there. But yeah. I'm not sure where I'm going with this.

    I'm really curious as to what the "right way" is, since as you went through your history of running you mentioned that you weren't really doing things right. It's up to you if you start a whole blog for it, but I would be interested in some tips or suggestions!

  2. What a brilliant post! I keep meaning to branch out a bit and write about more than "just" books but can't quite work out how...thanks for the reminder that I really do want to find some way of getting my other loves onto my blog!

    I got into running a lot later than you (when I was about 22, I think) but I've recently been trying to get more out of it too. When I was a teenager, I was chubby and *hated* sport at school - I'm extremely clumsy so I was a disaster when it came to team sports and basically just stopped trying. I loved swimming and that was about it. Eventually, I just stopped doing much exercise and just got chubbier (obviously!).

    I started cooking for myself to control what I was eating a lot more and then it turned out that I LOVED cooking, so I started losing plenty of weight that way. Eventually, though, I decided I needed to work in some exercise. I started out on a treadmill (because I couldn't bear the thought of running IN PUBLIC until I knew more about what I could do) but eventually worked up to braving the outdoors. I did a half marathon in 2010 and it was the best day! When I started running, I really only meant to lose weight but now I guess I've "got the bug" or whatever people say :|

    I hurt my hip in a car accident just over a year ago and am only just working on building back up to that 13.3 miles but I'm unbelievably happy to be running again - it makes me feel healthier, happier and...stronger, somehow. I have a 10k in November and will be doing another half marathon in May next year and it'll be the first time that I have a time to beat so I'm really looking forward to it!

    I'm using to track my runs and so far, I love it. I think it might only really work in the UK but maybe it has a US equivalent? I'm not sure...Either way, I'd definitely be a fan of more running posts/a running blog :)


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