December 06, 2012

The PR thing

It's time we discuss something. And by we I mean myself and all of you. All of you whiny heroines, wannabe lifesavers (even the sparkling ones), the nameless friends and the second and third and fourth love interests. Actually, I'm talking to everyone who has ever appeared in a Paranormal Romance novel.
Why can't you just leave me alone??
I mean, I know you guys aren't good for me. You make me groan. You make me hurt books. You make me throw my head on a table or into a pillow. You make my fingers ache every time I turn a page. And most of all - you ruin my mood whenever I type a review.
And now of course you're saying it's not your fault. Obviously, it should be my own fault. Because - hello? - who keeps buying the Paranormal Romance novels? Who keeps reading raving reviews? Who is unable to turn off a trailer for these kinds of stories?
I know it's me. And I know it's bad. But you're not giving me a choice. You don't even try to make this easy for me.

I mean who can even resist covers like these? Tell me what you want but you pass by these kinds of covers for only so long. And then something in your head stops working and your thoughts form a big fat "Whatever" and the book lands in your cart and you bring it home and it's total shelf candy but - you don't like it.
These things happen to the best of us. That's just the way it is.
And it's not even the covers alone. What if it says Meg Cabot on that pretty cover? What am I supposed to do then? I mean, I can't leave it there on the counter, right? I can't just ignore it!

Speaking of Meg Cabot I have to admit that you're not all bad. I mean I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on Abandon. Or Evermore for that matter. Those were good books and I'm even considering buying the sequels. It's just that...this makes it so hard not to be fooled by that evil wave of PR.
How am I supposed to know which of the books I can read without the danger of seriously hating them? It's hard work making that decision every single time!

I guess I will just have to avoid all of you guys, right? Not give into the temptation. I have to lean on trusted bloggers for this one. I have to be very strong. And to help me through this I need you guys, too, my readers. Because in this new feature I want your opinion. I need your opinion. I can't make these choices on my own anymore.

So...what about Everneath? Did you like it? Can I read it without the risk of falling asleep? Is it really worth it?

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