June 07, 2013

Oh, the Places You'll Go...

There are days when Pinterest and Tumblr are killing me. Seriously, it's like looking at Pictures of friends you don't talk to anymore. I get all teary and nostalgic and miss going somewhere SO freaking much.
I think as we get older most of us (and especially the Internet Junkies among us) just crave to see places, meet People, grow wings and fly far, far away. 
I, for example, crave to see Japan. And Asia in general. China, Tokyo, Russia. I want to see India and Sweden and Finland and Great Britain, of course. I want to visit African countries and surf in Australia. Most of all I want to go to the US at some point in my life, but most of you guys know that already, so I thought I'd put it at the end.

My point is, travelling the world is one of my biggest goals in life. 
You know, all that "hippie" talk about being wild and free? I like that. 
After all, we only have one life and even if it's going to be a long one, I still think we should make the best out of every day we get.
I mean, you've got to pay rent and food somehow, I'm aware of that. 
However, this week's Top Ten Tuesday (travel was the topic, in case you missed it) really reminded me of all the travelling I've yet to do.
It doesn't even matter where I'd go. I see a picture of say...Thailand, and I decide that I'd really like to go there someday.
Now, I know that at age eighteen I'm still very young and most people my age don't get to travel much before they got a proper education and the job to pay for it, but - at the same time I think that eighteen is a much better age to start seeing the world than say...30 would be. 
I guess it comes along with turning into an adult that you think the world will open up for you  like a magical door on the day of your birthday while actually, it's always you who has the key.
So, where do you want to go really badly right now? And - even more interesting - where do you come from? The Internet is SO awesome for getting to know people from all over the world and I'd like to know more about you :) So tell me in the comments, please!
the Booksmartie


  1. Ah, I totally get what you mean. I live in India and I have this dream to travel and see each and every part of the world (even the Bermuda Triangle because I'd like to see just what in the world is so creepy about that place. Seriously. The stories that revolve around it are hilarious and very intriguing.), anyhow like I said, I dream to travel around but don't we all? :)
    The place where I want to go..hmm..YES! I want to go to Europe and visit all the countries in that continent. There is so much ninth and tenth grade world history crammed in my brain, that I would love to see all of these things with my own eyes. Besides, after Anna and the French Kiss, wishing a wish near point zero is one of many things in my bucket list! Plus, I don't know..I don't want to sound creepy but it would be nice to meet other bloggers and readers who I've been talking to for so long, in person. And Germany, please. That country is beautiful! And ah well, there will always be the US. First, I'd do when I'll 'hopefully' go there will be binge on books! :D
    Really, this post is great.

  2. Great post! I dream about to travel around the world since forever. I'm from Uruguay (South America) and the first place I want to visit is Scotland or Ireland :) I just love those places
    Then I would like to visit as much of the world as possible :)
    And as you say we should start now, when we are young :)

    Again, great post :)



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