April 17, 2012

Tune In Tuesday #3

Tune-in Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger from GReads. The idea is to share a song that you love, new or old, in order to spread some music around the blogosphere!

Avril Lavigne - My World

In a nutshell? Story of my life!
Want a little bit more?  Here we go...
It takes HOURS to get my hair straigt after a shower...
There really is nothing else to do in my town. Except from reading, of course!
I never spent my money cutting grass as I'd kill myself in the process BUT
I spend it tutoring and working at a shop that sells machines to cut grass -so far, I didn't get fired.
Still not enough? I recommend following my blog :)
Hope everyone has an exciting Tuesday!


  1. I own this CD somewhere! In my house! Ah, I want to listen to it right now. Thanks for the music rec :D

    1. Hey! Yeah, that's why I love Tune in Tuesday so much! Always makes me remember old songs, too!

  2. I remember this song. Wow. Takes me back. Great pick btw!

    Old follower.

    Rebecca @ Vicariously


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