February 24, 2013

My Weekly Favorites

Remember when I was so sleep - deprived (okay, and desperate) that I decided I'd call my new Sunday Feature Youtube Sunday? No? Good. Because that was bad, even for me.
Anyway, I still feel like I should be a more positive person and look back on the week with a smile on my face, so that's why I will present you guys all the random little things (and yes, youtubers, too) that made me happy this week :) (see? Smartie-Smiley)

Ahh, Pinterest. You lovely source of inspiration. Yes, as one of the last people of my generation, I've finally learned to love this new social network heaven. It's great to get ideas about everything! Outfits, recipes, crafts, and books, too!

Itunes! No, actually I've known and loved and lived off of Itunes for the last...five years. What I rediscovered this week, though, is how much I love listening to music. My favorite artists right now? Imagine Dragons, Pink and Taylor Swift. Although the two latter ones don't count because they are my all time favorites and I would have listed them any week.

And the last thing on my list is...Spanish! No, really! Somehow I only realized this week how lucky I am to be learning so many languages in school. My first language is German, I started learning English in third grade, Latin in sixth (does that even count, though?), French in Eighth and Spanish in Tenth grade. And I think it's time to make something out of it. Well...for a start, I decided to follow  a few Spanish book blogs and watch Spanish book reviews on Youtube...not that I'd understand a word they say :D

I'll leave you with that, a happy weekend to everyone!

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