February 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

1) JK Rowling
It's...an obsession. A weird mix of superstitious beliefs and childhood memories of pretending to be Hermione Granger - or maybe the one is the result of the other? Whatever it is, when there's a rumor about a new Rowling book, I'll be the first to research every detail about it.

2) Sarah Dessen
This one is a given. Okay, I might not own all of Dessen's books by now but whenever she publishes a new one (like this year) I get super excited about it and I have to preorder it - her books usually never cease to amaze me. Except for That Summer, maybe.

3) Marissa Meyer
I'm one of the last, I guess, to jump on the Lunar Chronicles train, but now that I have, I don't ever want to leave this world again - Meyer's story is so, so amazing! I don't even know what I'm going to do once I've finished Scarlet...well, buy the novellas, probably :)

4) Meg Cabot
Again, an author I've adored for the longest time. Actually, the only blog I read for years was Meg's and I even read all the posts (all of them!) that I missed before I discovered her blog. I checked most of her books out from the library, though, so that I really need to work on that collection!

5) Holly Smale
This is only hypothetical as I've read no book by Holly Smale but her debut Geek Girl. However, that one left a big impression, so that I'm definitely interested in future works by this author.

6) Katie McGarry
Pushing the Limits...do I need to say anything else? Can't wait for more!

7) Lauren Oliver
So, I do own all of her YA books (not novellas). I've only read one, though (Delirium). Anyway, I'm pretty sure I will love the rest of them,too and I'd buy any new book by her immediately!

8) Gayle Forman
See above. I have only read If I Stay yet, but that one was great!

9) Cassandra Clare
I have to confess...it might also just be the covers. I love all of them, Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices Series. I also have read all of them and liked them, but...they're not my favorite series ever and Clare is not among my favorite authors either, for some (unknown) reason....

10) Kami Garcia/Margeret Stohl
I'm really excited to read books that they did not write together just to see how those turn out. Also, they've both proven already that they're masters in storytelling!


  1. I totally agree with Gayle Forman and Kami Garcia/ Margeret Stohl! I had Cassandra Clare on my list too!


  2. I am also excited to see Kami and Margaret's solo works. I also confess that I love the covers of Infernal Devices so much! I am Gayle Forman fan and I LOVED Where She Went even more than If I Stay. Marissa Meyer is on my list too!

  3. Great choices! I just finished reading Pandemonium by Oliver and can't wait for Requiem! Also... Pushing the Limits! I totally agree! I read it on my Ipad for 2.99... and then went out the next day and bought it on hardback I enjoyed it so much!

    Emily @ Counting in Bookcases

  4. Ha! I have read books by EVERY one of these authors except Sarah Dessen. I keep hearing about her all over the 'net, so I am going to check out at least one of her books from the library soon.

    As for the remaining 9, I am in total agreement (you know we overlapped on a few of these). I believe I have reviews on my blog for at least one book by every one of them.

    I did really love Geek Girl, too. The only one I wasn't gaga over was the Beautiful Creatures series. I tried the first two, but had to give up. I haven't seen the movie, either, but I have heard the 2 main leads are phenomenal, so I will rent it when it's out on DVD.

    I love Meg Cabot - haven't read everything (seriously, she's so prolific, how could one person read all of her books?) and I think my fav is her Abandon series. Oh, I also loves that she follows me on Twitter!

    I am reading City of Bones to my teen daughter right now. She is going to celebrate her birthday at a midnight showing of the movie this summer.

    Books are awesome! Here's my list that you already read: Top Ten Tuesday


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