April 06, 2013

Weekly Favorites

So, this week (like any other week, lately) I've been hauled up in my room, nose stuck in textbooks, studying like crazy. That kind of takes the variety out of my favorites, but...I hope you don't mind :)
Green Tea
It's not like my cups ever look this good, but I love it to get me going in the morning. Right now, we have this fantastic vanilla flavour...mhm...
Vampire Academy
That series, you guys...I was babysitting just the other night and I had Shadow Kiss with me. I read from 8.30 PM to 0:30 AM - and I did not put the book down once! It's crazy how addicting this story is! Also, I'm getting more and more excited for the movie!!!
Pinterest Workouts
(Link leads directly to the tumblr I got it from)
I have stated by love of Pinterest here before, but now I discovered something new (well...new to me) - people who post awesome workouts on there! My problem is that after sitting around studying all day I really need an energy boost. Running worked fine these past few years, but I find that lately it's not doing a lot to me anymore, because I've been training so hard. Basically, a vhange feels good and Pinterest is awesome :D
Sooo...that's it. Pretty much sums up my Spring Break, too (which is just sad!). Let's all take a moment to think about the fact that in three weeks I will be free :) (from textbooks haunting my nightmares, at least...)
Happy Sunday everyone!

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