April 21, 2013

Weekly Favorites

Another week of spring, warm, sunny weather and laziness :) I'm getting to the point where it's not even easy to pick favorites anymore, because with school being a matter only occasionally for a few hours anymore, I'm freeee like a bird :)

Bike Tours
I am the kind of person who hates biking. I'm a runner, I like to trust nothing and no one but my legs and feet. I especially hate biking with my mom, because she goes for 40+ kilometers every time and she never chooses the same route twice so that we usually end up in the middle of nowhere, completely lost and with me crying in frustration because I want to be home and my legs hurt and I hate not knowing where I am. Not this Sunday, though. I was wise enough to take my phone with me (against my mom's disapproval because she is, you know, such a genius at finding her way back home...) and we actually made it a three hour instead of a six hour tour and it was AH-mazing!!!

Drinking coffee
In the past year, I have tried to give up coffee a solid three times. I failed again this past weekend when I was out shopping with a friend. I don't regret it, though, because of my next favorite:

Life is short. Buy the shoes.
Restricting yourself can make sense, I'll admit as much. For example, I really don't need to buy more books that will end up on my shelf, unread and collecting dust. I do want to drink coffee, though. I want to enjoy a dessert from time to time. I want to be lazy for three days in a row or, you know, buy that super unnecessary, way too expensive pair of shoes. Because, you know, if today was your last day...

Oh, how I missed it. During our exam phase in school - which pretty much lasted four months straight, I did not go shopping once. Not even online shopping. I went on Saturday and didn't even buy much, but it felt amazing. Clearly, it's the best kind of therapy there is.

So, those where my (not exactly bookish, I'll admit it) favorite things this week. What was great about your week? 

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