April 15, 2013

Weekly Favorites

Hello there! I know, I know. Long time no see. Right now I'm in a current mood roller coaster and motivation battle. My history and English exams are over which is sooo relieving, but I still have to study for Math (UGH) and Social Studies...and the studying part is somewhat suffering. As is the blog. And my reading. And everything except the Sims, really. I don't get it! I never, ever play the game - video games at all, really. It's just when I really have something to get done that I can't resist. Annoying!
Anyway, I have to apologize again for being such an inconsistent blogger - and I know there is no excuse because getting a post done would only take about 30 minutes of my (not SO precious) time. My laziness is to blame - sorry, sorry.

On to the favorites:

Okay, so maybe a German spring looks a tad bit different than this, but...almost all the snow has melted and that means something, doesn't it? Also, today is the first day in shorts and T-shirt - only now do I realize how much I missed the sun!

Yep, that's correct. Sara Shepard actually is one of my weekly favorites? Why? Because it always takes me ages to pick up the next book in one of her series, thinking every time that they're all the same anyway. Then, though, once I finally start, it blows me away every time. I just finished Wanted (PLL#8) and oh my...so GOOD. Now, I'm onto the newest Lying Game book and so far, I think I am addicted.

Inline skating! Something else I do when I should actually be inside, studying. I love going really fast on those...it's just that I don't know how to slow done...advice, anyone? Also, I'd like to learn a few tricks on them :)

And lastly, it's...early morning runs!

(okay, so there's no beach for me...but a girl can always dream, right?)

NEVER thought I'd say that. I love running, but I hate getting up really early for it when it's still chilly outside. Or, I used to hate it. Now, I'm waiting for sunrise every morning and out the front door I go. The super fresh air around 7 AMish is addicting!

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