August 20, 2013

Ambitious Goals, a Headache and a Day in Cologne

Bout of Books

Monday & Tuesday

Books Read: none
Pages read: 137

So, I might have overestimated myself (once again). And it might take me three, instead of one day, to finish The Catastrophic History of You and Me.
And I might not be as in love with the book as I thought I would be.
Anyway, I'm trying and I do have excuses (of course I do!)

a) I spent all of Monday in Cologne which is a 2,5 hour train ride away from home 
b) I totally planned on spending the train ride reading but 
c) I got a headache from here across the Universe and back and could not do anything but snuggle up on my seat and listen to "Safe and Sound" (Capital City, not Taylor Swift though that one's great, too)

Admittedly, you could have skipped the above section and just went with this:

I am failing. Heeeelp!
The bac-up plan is this:

I will try to read as much of TCHOYAM tonight. Then, I will cheat and read those two Judy Bloom books tomorrow (they're only about 150 pages) and then I will be back on track by Thursday.
Sounds like a plan, right?

But enough of me, how are you doing with your goals???


  1. Sounds like a good plan! If reading while moving gives you a headache (I get headaches, too), next time listen to an audiobook or something?! What say? v_+

  2. Sometimes you cannot beat just relaxing and listening to music. Plus, head aches and books don't mix well.

    You're not really enjoying The Catastrophic History of You and Me? I bought it a while back at a discount store, and it has been sitting on my shelf ever since.

  3. OH! I would love to see what you think of TCHoYaM after you finish it! It seems like you're not TOO far through it. I was the same way until the end. I'm still sort like "...what?", but I ended up liking it in the end. I hope you do too! (:

  4. I had an awful day too. I read like 100 pages. I had a funeral to attend and a wake and I just got home it's almost midnight here, so Tuesday was a bust. I hope tomorrow fares better. How was your time in Cologne? It's in France?
    I think you should abandon the book if it's not doing it for you! Read books u love during the read a thon so u can read faster and get them done. U could always pick it back up after BoB is over! >.<

  5. I say you don't stress yourself so much! Relax and have fun, that's the cool thing about the read-a-thon. You're doing good, anyway. Keep going and good luck! :)


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