August 31, 2013

So You Think You are a Geek? My Trip to Gamescom in Cologne

I'm starting to feel like I'm spending more time in Cologne this summer than at home.
First, I had to go on that 2.5 hour train ride for what seemed like a million times (okay, three, but still) for Uni and then one of my best friends asked me to go to Gamescom with her.
This, obviously, is not a Gaming blog and I am not a gamer. Anyway, as the nerdy book lover that I am, I find myself at least fascinated by that crazy world that gamers seem to live in full of fairy-tal-ish creatures and mind blowing stories.
5 Lessons I Learned as the only Not-Gamer at Gamescom Cologne
1) You won't believe it at first but
...there are a TON of Gamers out there!
2) You will meet a million celebrities but you won't know anyone of them. Seriously, not one.
3) Nintendo is for babies. If you get all excited about how you have Dr Kawashima on your old NDS, I'm afraid you will never be one of the cool kids.
 4) Just because there is a Sims 4 booth doesn't mean they'll show you anything you haven't already stalked on Youtube.
5) You'll beg and cry and scream, but your friends won't stand in a line with you for three hours just to pinch that Sim-of-the-Future in the cheek
 5) If you do plan to wait in a line for three hours, you better bring that PS3 that's glued to your hands anyway. Because a minute without gaming is a wasted minute, right?
6) If your friends want to convince you to watch a match of LoL.....
...don't let them fool you. They don't mean that Miley Cyrus movie...
...and you'll spend another 45 minutes having NO idea why everyone around you is cheering and screaming their heads off....
I'll have to say, I expected a bit more from Gamescom. The way it was done? AMAZING! It was a geekfest! But for a girl who needs to breathe into a paper back whenever someone plays LoL, WoW or (heaven, forbid!) Call of was pretty scary terrain...
Questions for Today:
Do you play video games?
If you do, which ones? I need recommendations!!!
And would you like a more in-depth report on my day in Cologne? In a more review-ish style?


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