August 27, 2013

Top Ten Secondary Characters

First of all, thank you all for your amazing and frequent comments while I am mostly MIA!  I really, really love reading them and appreciate your suggestions SO much! Also, after catching up on my favorite blogs today and seeing all the new September releases and that Divergent trailer I am totally feeling like this reading/blogging slump is coming to an end :D

But now, on to the secondary characters I cannot live without!
It's kind of cliché to say, but I really do think sidekicks can be just as important as the heroines and heroes of a book. After all, they often make for the funny jokes, they are the ones to clear up the mess our MCs created and sort through their mess of thoughts so that they can think clear again :D
1) Many, many Harry Potter people
SO many of them had such important roles in the end (Neville, Ginny, Professor Lupin, heck even Aberforth Dumbledore!)
2) Sturmhound from Siege and Storm
3) Jessy from The Mediator Series
4) Doc from The Mediator Series
5)Iko from The Lunar Chronicles
6) Link's mom from The Caster Chronicles
7) Roar from the Under the Never Sky Trilogy
8) Sam from Deadly Cool and Social Suicide
9) Lina's mom from Between Shades of Grey
10) Mehh, no number ten - can't think of anyone else! Who did you choose that I totally forgot? Any suggestions?


  1. OOh, I'm currently in a reading slump but am trying to get myself out of it :( I love Iko and Roar! Which reminds me that I still need to read Through the Ever Night :) Great picks!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  2. EEP!!! Jessy and Doc from the Mediator series!! This is the one by Meg Cabot right? Or did I just eep! for another series entirely! there was a Jessy there, hence why I am thinking it was this one! Although I am soooo forgetting who Doc is. I haven't read this series in years, but I absolutely ADORED it! Read them in a time when paranormal YA didn't exist, so they were lifesavers!!

    Oh and did you hear Meg is writing a book 7!!

    And again, if this is an entirely different Mediator series I apologize for my rambling about a series you may or may not be familiar with!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)


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