June 10, 2012

Having My Coffee

I'm going to cut it short today, not only because I went on and on rambling yesterday, but also because it's my birthday :) And I'm "just" celebrating with my aunt and parents and grandparents and I found it super embarrassing the last couple of weeks (especially yesterday!), but as soon as the "party" started I realised how funny and gorgeous my family is - I wouldn't want to have this day any other than this!
So...the only thing you're going to hear from me today is:
Go ahead, hug your mom, call your grandparents, stop teasing your brother or sister - they're amazing once you think of it!

And what I got this week?

Physical books:

How to Save a Life

Ebooks I got from Amazon:

They were all very inexpensive :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Have a great day and enjoy spending time with your family!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lot of fun with your family :)

    Btw, The Iron King is awesome! I love that book! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it!

    1. I cannot wait to start reading it!!! Heard great things about it!!


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