June 01, 2012

Running Into June

Hey guys!
May is over, I'm still in school ;/ but the sun is here to stay! As is warm weather, water, iced tea and long runs early in the morning or late at night!

So, to honor this appropriatly (or...well, because it's june now and not may anymore) I will take you with me on my run into June!

Soo...what did I read in May...

RosebushEvernight (Evernight, #1)Social Suicide (Deadly Cool, #2)BloomDelirium (Delirium, #1)Evermore (The Immortals, #1)City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5)The Summer of No RegretsThe Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1)

Overall this was a pretty good month! Rosebush was a great novel that I'm still thinking about now, Social Suicide was hilarious and I',m already thinking of rereading it. I wasn't a big fan of Evernight but it was still okay. After that there was Evermore, Delirium, Bloom, City of Lost Souls and The Summer I turned Pretty which I all loved, loved, loved. Delirium is actually my new favorite book now! The Summer Of No Regrets was the right book but the wrong time, but still good,so I'm really hoping to continue this runner's high (sorry, bad, baad word play) in June!

I'm actually pretty indecisive about what I'll read in June, so I'll start with the NetGalley books:

One Moment

Review books:

Tess, Terrorists and the Tiara

Books off my Kindle Shelf:
Blue Sky Days

Books Off my Real Shelf:
Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)

Books I hope I can get my hands on this month:

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha Trilogy, #1)
So yes, I feel like this is a nice mixture of authors and genres and topics and stuff, so I'm excited! I'll probably read more than these but that depends on my  budget this month and on my self-control when it comes to buying books :)

I hope you all have a wonderful month and I'd really appreciate some book recommendations as I find it so hard to chose which books I want to buy and which ones aren't really wort it!


  1. Great books! I'm not as fast of a reader as everyone else but I'm trying to get through two books a week. Only managing one and a half so far so I'm trying to find better books to read. lol. Have you read Deadly Cool? (I think its the first book in the series for Social Suicide) I've been thinking about reading it but haven't heard much about it. I read evermore a long time ago and really didn't like it. I might re-read it though so I can give it a proper review.

    One moment sounds awesome! Do you have it as an eArc? I'm hoping to read shiver this month too :D

  2. I'm not very fast, either. Also, I tend to waste my free days laying around doing nothing/staring at the sky :) I have read Deadly Cool and Social Suicide and I devoured them!!! I think I read Social Suicide in one setting - they're hilariously funny and quirky and cute and put me in a great mood! I also think, they're good for summer, because they're so light! Also, I'm not a big fan of paranormal romance in general so I was really surprised I liked Evermore! And lastly, yes, One Momemt is an eArc and I heard MANY good things about it, so I'm really excited to start reading it :)


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