June 23, 2012

Liebster Award!

So...I've been tagged by Ramblings of a Bookaholic to do this tag. Its name, Liebster, is actually German so I'm quite interested in its origin :) Anyway, here's the tag:

Each person must post 11 facts about themselves.
Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and 11 questions for the people you tag.
Tag 11 more bloggers.
Tell them you've tagged them.
No tag backs!

11 Facts about me:

1.I love everything nutrition and exercise. I run and do strength training almost every day and I try to get a swimming workout in as often as I can. I love feeling active and healthy!

2. I have a huge obsession over peanut butter, rice cakes and oatmeal. It's like...not even funny any more.

3. In the wintertime I crave summer. As soon as it gets hot outside I can't wait for fall to come.

4. Since I was 13 I'm dreaming of living in the US. I started reading US books, blogs (obviously!), watching US TV shows and movies and practising my pronunciation every day. I'm like...not even living in Germany anymore :)

5. I am super comfortable talking in front of a massive crowd, but I totally suck at normal conversations.

6. I'm an early bird. I wake at 4 or 5 and enjoy the fresh air and the silence and (sometimes) darkness all around me. I also love early evening when the sun goes down. I pretty much hate the hours between that.

7. I am not good with animals. I don't get them and I don't care for them. Also, I'm a vegetarian. Go figure.

8. I love to try different kinds of bread. Whenever my mom buys a new kind I will steal a piece of one slice and leave the rest of the slice in the bread basket. It drives her crazy.

9. I can be extremely indecisive. My mom never goes shopping with me because I stand in front of two items I want to buy (usually books) and leave four hours later with the words: "I need to think this over."

10.I talk to myself. Constantly.

11. I hate having anything on my hands, so I wash them a LOT throughout the day.

Questions to answer:

Why did you start blogging?
What's your favorite element in a book?
How did you come up with your blog name?
What are your hopes for your blog?
What's your favorite book?
How many books are in your to-be-read pile?
How many books do you read a year?
When did you start blogging?
Do you review every book you read?
How do you pick a book?
What would you like to tell your followers? They will probably be reading this...

People I tag:
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Lili's Reflections
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Olivias bookaholic life
Paranormal Indulgence
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Answers to Ramblings of a Book-a-holic's questions:

1. I started blogging because I wanted to find people who felt the same way about books that I do, just to talk, make friends and keep up with the news in YA.

2. Mhm...I've never actually thought of that. Plot, I guess. I love when in the end a ton of twists and turns unravel and everything fits together in a brilliant, completely unexpected way. Also, the ending must be fast-paced and action packed!

3. That was fairly easy. It just came to my mind because I love the word book smart (it doesn't exist in German, I think) and it fits my personalty (and the topic of this blog) perfectly.

4. I just hope that my blog will continue giving me the chance to share my favorite hobby with others. It can sometimes feel lonely behind that book cover...

5. So, so tough. As of right now I'd pick Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Of all time would be the Harry Potter Series, but this question is just ridiculous and - I'm sorry - cannot be answered appropriately :)

6. Many. Until now, I've been too afraid to count them. Now I will. Wait a sec. 24 plus ebooks - this might not seem like an awful lot, but considering I've only started really collecting them six months ago and I feel like I can never actually read them all - it's overwhelming!

7. Difficult to answer. Last year I was just reading what I got my hands on. This year I've already read almost 40 books so I can't really say.

8. I started blogging at the end of march 2012.

9. No, for example I don't review the books I read in German...

10. I really don't know. I'd like to find a way to make a decision :) I usually make about ten lists, cross some titles out, write them down again, throw my head against a wall, click on the "checkout" button, shed my eyes with my hands and order.

11. Thank You. I love you. Give me some suggestions for posts - I'd love to do what you'd like to see on my blog!

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