September 09, 2012

Words of the Week

School - is crazy! Honestly, it's insane how much stuff is going on right now. It almost keeps me from reading :) (okay, not really..)

Summer - notice how  I constantly talk about the weather?'s really good where I live and of course now I want it to be rainy and stormy so that I -being the moody reader that I am - can finally put out all those high fantasy novels waiting for me

Bloggiesta - is not far away anymore. Anyone thinking of participating? Because I am...

Lunch - has nothing to do with this post but I mention it anyway because I'm hungry and I'm going to go and get some lunch now. Hehe.

No books for me this week - a least I didn't buy any. I did borrow three from the library and they're German but I'm going to show you one of them anyway:

Seems familiar?
:) It's the German version of Starters by Lissa Price (duh!)

Have a nice weekend!

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