October 12, 2013

A Day in the Life

This post is inspired by that thought I had recently that book bloggers are probably the most hard working kinds of bloggers ever.
Every - really every - other kind of blogger just talks about what they DO in their lives and then occassionally reviews a running shoe or a CD or whatever. Only a book blogger sees the need, though, to read four books a week (at least) and type reviews of the length of exam papers.
If you ask me, that's honorable, but also a waste of potential. I personally LOVE to read about the blogger behind the review, so today - and from today on - I will blog a bit about my life in general and a bit about all the things I do besides reading and a bit about my life as a reader, too. I hope you're up for it :)

Despite uhh every single other student in my dorm, I actually wake up early. Like..wayy early. 
I'm up and running at 6 or 6:30 every morning and I love it!
There's just something so fresh and free about early mornings. Usually, I am literally running at that time, but since I was planning to meet up with my running group at 10, I decided to just be a bit productive.
Which I was, really. I planned all my workouts until Friday and then went on Facebook for a decade and Twitter for some time, and sat around doing nothing and...you get the picture.

If you know me, you also know that I love Peanut Butter. We are a thang, PB and I. Inseperable. So that's what my breakfast consists of (just in case you were wondering):  About 4 cups of oats, water, half the can of PB and a teaspoon of honey. For normal human beings, you can reduce those oats to a 1/2 cup of oats, but that robs the fun of life.
After breakfast I did a bit more of nothing and THEN finally headed out to run with my group which was amazing, because it was the first time we met up and there was a lot of chatting and laughing involved. 

(The view from the hill we ran up - it was so worth it!)

The only bad thing about chatting and laughing was that I didn't really get the required dose of 500000000 endorphins a day, so I went home, grabbed my gym bag, marched to the gym, realized I'd forgotten my ID, marched back home, took the ID and  then marched back to the gym.

I talked about running and fitness on the blog a while ago and a couple of people said they'd like to know what I do running and fitness wise, so I will tell you what I did today:

run: 5-mile-ish, but with a lot of stops and walking in between
elliptical: 30 minutes
rowing: 15 minutes
awkwardly sitting on a machine I don't know how to use: 5 minutes
strength training: 35m minutes

For strength I did:
10 lunges 
10 side lunges
10 backwards lunges
20 squats
20 plié squats
40 crunches
20 of those things where you sit up and lie down with the dumbbell over your head
30 sec bycicles
30 sec plank
20 back risers

and then I did 2 sets of that.

The workout is basically a mix of my favorite ab workouts (yes.I love crunches. yes. I know) and super efficient leg workouts that I really, really hate (those squats...)

And just because dinner was really good and really cheap I will tell you what I had:

- fried cauliflower
- peanuts

I spiced it up a bit with salt, pepper and mixed herbs and might have added a little butter for taste (shhh) and it was amazing! Also, as weird as it sounds, don't forget the peanuts - they're amazing!!

Right now I'm deciding how to spend my evening...

(You realize how HUGE that textbook is???)


  1. Great idea. I feel so lazy compared to you haha. Then again, I'm sicky poo so I have literally not left the house all week. Blah.
    Lol your dinner sounds disgusting. :P
    Hopefully u get through ur reading and can read something fun after :)
    Btw I totally agree that book blogging is way harder than regular blogging o_O

    Dee's Reads

    1. Ahh, no running when sick is the WORST! I mean, if it's just a cough and stuffy nose you can go at a reeeeeaaallyyy slow pace, but I guess the best thing is to stay home and recover. I overdo it every time when I'm sick and then end up in bed for three weeks straight. You'd think I'd learned from my mistakes by now, but nope. Same thing every time.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm with you in that I like to hear about the lives of those behind my favorite blogs. I've been trying to share more, too. Fun post!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I noticed that after reading six reviews on the exact same book even the biggest book lover might need a break. Also, I secretly wish I'll have the time for a running blog at some point :)


  4. This makes me feel like such a lazy kid, which admittedly, I really am. But dang girl, 5 miles, plus all those extra work-outs! It seems so intense. I've always enjoyed running, but I've never really made the time for it. But now I'm feeling really inspired to actually get up and go running. Hopefully soon, because it's finally getting cooler here, which makes it bearable to go outside.

    Also, that is one GORGEOUS view! Adding that view in with some running friends, and that seems like one awesome morning. =)

    I love that you're sharing more about yourself. I love getting to know blogger better, and can't wait to see what you have up next. <3

    1. Ahh, don't worry! Standing on an elliptical watching Gossip Girl forever isn't most people's idea of a good time :) I'm SO glad, though, that I might have inspired you to start running. It's amazing! And a great relief for stressful times :) Oh, yeah, and it's even more amazing when you run with a bunch of people!!!

  5. OMG, you awesome! I really want to start working out, but I'm so lazy lol I need to try and push myself to do it and get the motivation. And the view is awesome :)

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

    PS: a list of all the dystopians I've read and my ratings of them


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