October 19, 2013

More than a Twerking Queen

Growing up, idols and role models were utterly important to me.
They could be my mom, my aunt, my grandparents. When I got older, it was JK Rowling, then came the less socially acceptable ones like the Highschool Musical cast and - Miley Cyrus.
So, I know there's  a lot of hype going on and I'm pretty sure most people aren't up for any more Miley- talk, but I will talk about her anyway.
I was her biggest fan during Hannah Montana times. I'm pretty sure everything I believe about dreaming and achieving goals and being true to yourself is straight from that show and Miley's attitude in general.
After Hannah Montana, there was that weird period of nothing, her amazing album, then nothing, then a lot of drama and scandals.
But you guys know everything that happened already, right? So, I'll skip that part.
My admiration for Miley cooled down to almost nothing in the past couple of months and years. I grew up, I am  starting my own life, I feel like the time of role models has come to an end for me.
Or, that's what I thought until 20 minutes ago.
For whatever reason tonight I decided to look at an interview with Miley. I guess it's just because I didn't understand what she is doing at all and was - admittedly - very upset about what my childhood role model was up to.
I saw this video with her on the Ellen show, though and that changed my mind.
I like her again. I find her attitude interesting and I don't think listening to her is a waste of time.
I am in no way as intense as she is and I do believe there are different ways in which people are trying to get messages across but - and this is a big but, so listen up! - she again is a couple of steps ahead of me.
I am about 3 years younger than her. I think. I'm not even sure.
What she said in this interview really left an impression on me.
I am that kind of goody-two-shoes girl. You know, that super-nice, super-caring, annoyingly bland girl?
I have strong opinions on things, but I never say them out loud.
I disagree with people, but I always stay diplomatic.
I hate people, but I still try to be nice to them.
I get ignored and looked down on a lot, because I tend to be quiet and reserved.
Why do I keep acting like someone I'm not? Why do I try to please everyone I know and get to know instead of simply doing what I want?
I get why some people think Miley's craving for attention with her almost-naked dancing, her provocative songs and her uber-confident attitude.
But before you judge, think again.
I am one of those 18-year-old girls who grew up with her as a role model. I am insecure and scared of life and scared of failing and scared of not making friends and scared of saying the wrong thing.
And I have a role model again, now. Because I know I don't want to be scared and miserable. I want to be my own person. I want to be loud. I want to show people who I am.
And Miley, in my opinion, does an awesome job at encouraging people to be loud like that.
 Miley Cyrus Visits 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'
Okay, if this is not a post to comment on I don't know what is? I would be sooo happy about comments, because I'm just really interested in what you guys think about all this!
Different opinions are absolutely welcome!!!

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  1. I'm quite about older than you and Miley, so she was never a role model to me. I have to say I find her pretty interesting and definitely like her more now that she is an adult than I did during her Hannah days. I kind of wish she'd keep her tongue in her mouth and her VMA performance was kind of out there, but I DO admire that she isn't hiding in the shadows.

    As for what you said about yourself. I can definitely relate. I was pretty quiet and reserved as a teen and had to learn to find a way to get myself out there. Your opinions matter just as much as the next girls. Don't forget that! It's ok to disagree. It's ok to tell people to go screw themselves. Even if you do so with a smile on your face.

    Blogging is such a great way to get your opinions out there. Great post!


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