October 26, 2013

I ran some unexpected miles today...

Just pretend & get outside. #nikeNormally, I get pretty excited about running. I mean, I do it because I love it, right? It makes me happy. Sometimes it takes a bit of motivational gummy bears to get me out in the cold, but I will go, because I enjoy the feeling of speeding past people (errr, and people speeding past me) and the wind and even the rain around me. It makes me feel free and happy and - with the right song in my ear - even giggly.

Today, though, I didn't feel the vibe at. all.
I've been struggling all week. First, I was battling a cold that is still not completely gone, then the stress at Uni really gets me down sometimes, but I'm not going to lie, I wasn't feeling the runner's high this week.

So, when I actually set out for my run this afternoon, I surprised myself. And then, after I was over the first couple of steps, I was even more surprised because it turned out running is actually not that stupid waste of time that turned into an even more stupid addiction I can't get rid of.
No, no, it was fine. Great, even!
Not to be a hypocrite here, my last couple of runs did suck. Heck, they were awful! And to top it all up I even moved yesterday's run to the gym treadmill and it was really just a matter of time if I would have killed myself or the treadmill first.

But back to my run. I warmed up 3 miles around our park here and then went to the track to do mile repeats and then trotted home for 3 miles as a cool down. I am not super - professional with my running gear since I always forget to charge my Garmin, but I thought I'd tell you that my goal pace for every mile was 7:16 - and I was faster every time!!!! (7:00, 7:06, 7: 11)

Okay, not wayyyy faster, but I was still proud of myself. Also, this was the first time I've ever done mile repeats and I was so horrified by them, but I realized they're not that bad. I HATE 800s. I even hate 400s. With a passion. Running that fast just kills me.
But mile repeats are nice. My new best friends.


Okay, my dears, I'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Congratulations on running six miles! That is so good I could never run that far lol I only run two miles at a time before I stop and I could never do a mile in seven minutes. Congrats :)


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