July 10, 2012

Once Upon a Time There was a Book Fight...

MINI CHALLENGE!!! (hosted by Kindle Fever )
We're supposed to imagine a fight between too characters :)

It is the duel of the year - it's what everyone has been waiting for....Isabelle Lightwood versus Bella Swan. All eyes are on Isabelle as she enters the arena - packed with weapons, dressed in high stilettos, a seemingly non-existent mini-skirt, a black silk top and the mask of the victor on her face.
In the second corner we see Miss Bella Swan. A bit helpless-looking, her mouth wide open, head turned to the bleachers where her vamppire boyfriend cannot stop iting on his fingernails.
The bell rings, the fight begins. Isabelle raises her arm to land the first punch - and misses. Buffled, she turns around, turns left and right - but there's no Bella to be seen.
After an appearingly endless second everyone in the audience raises their heads, a look of confusion on their faces:
Bella is up in the air, her arms rapped around her boyfriend's neck. Edward, shining like a lightbulb in the sudden sunlight races away with Bella on his back.
Back on the ground, Isabelle throws her weapons on the ground, letting out a frustrated mourn. Looks like that's it for now - fighting-wise....

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