July 15, 2012

Words of the Week

Summer - Or rather - the lack thereof. My first week of summer vacation consisted of nothing but rain. Rain, storms, wind, cold.

Readathon - oh well. I screwed up. Totally. I was so busy that every post I wanted to put up that wasn't scheduled (except for the one  challenge I participated in) got lost on the way. It really sucked - all those appointments, work and then I fell asleep every single night and at last forgot about the Wrap - Up post alltogether. Definitely not a success! But there's always a next time :)

August - Did you guys notice that there are a ton of challenges and Readathons in August? Well, I did and I'm dedicated to take part in some of them to get behind my reading already so that I can buy new books as soon as school starts again :)

German - I do actually have a lot of reviews as back up for the blog so that I decided to spend this weekend reading some German books I have to return to the library soon. Feels a bit weird, actually, as I've been reading  English books for such a long time...

Audiobooks - I just rediscovered my love for audiobooks. Really, guys, there's nothing better than lying in bed, raindrops on your window and a good audiobook speaker in your ear. I even like to paint while I listen although I'm so not talented in art (the only subject I almost failed in 8th grade) it's sooo relaxing!

Books I got this week

For review:

Whispers in Autumn (The Last Year, #1)

This one sounds sooo freaking awesome! Thanks to the author Trisha Leigh for offering me to review it!

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  1. I've never listened to an audiobook the entire way though. I always get distracted. But recently I've been driving more and catching public transport less and I really miss how much I was able to read on the commute. So I'm thinking about getting back into audiobooks.

    Do you have a favourite audiobook or narrator?

    - Kate


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