March 27, 2013

Looking Forward to the Future

In this last post in my little series to celebrate One Year Anniversary, I thought I'd talk a bit about  the right now and what I plan for the blog in the future

End of Highschool, Start of Something New
I feel like I mention it all the time lately, but I'm pretty much done with high school now (except for four exams). That alone is a huge change in my life, as it probably is for everyone else around my age. Right now, I plan on going to University in the fall, leaving my home and family for the first time to live on my own which is certainly exciting (and frightening). 
However, the end of High school even means a bit more for me,personally. Those of you who stumbled upon my header or who followed my very early post might have noticed that high school and all the drama that goes along with it wasn't really my...thing. Not to say I hated it. 
Not everything. There were moments when I was sure I would never want to leave school and the friends I made there and the lessons I learned. Then again, walking away from that life now, step by step, makes me feel relieved and open for new experiences and influences. 

New Design
One example of how that transforms to my blog is the new design. I was so sick of all the pink doodling I saw every time I visited the page - I needed a change! The new design is supposed to stand for my girlyness, but also for a fresh look into the future and compared to the old background, it seems a bit more grown - up to me.

New Ways of Blogging
Along with the new design, I also decided to freshen things up a bit for the second year of the Booksmartie. Inspired by all the new websites, YouTube channels and online movements I stumbled upon lately, I want to make this blog more spontaneous and up to date. I want to be a member of the awesome communities forming around me, I want to discuss, to argue, to share, to put my opinion out there and to bring other people's views into my life. 

As the result of this little Looking Back series, I thought it'd be nice to set some goals for the following year of blogging: 

- I want to blog more spontaneously and not cling to my schedule like a  madwoman
- I want to use Twitter more to interact with other people and actually know what's going on in the world
- I want to include some more personal updates in the form of "Geeknotes"
- I want to redesign my reviews to make them more interesting

But what about you guys? What do you want from the blog? What are some post ideas you want me to realise? 

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