March 31, 2013

Weekly Favorites

I could go on and on about all the snow that just won't go away, now that we're officially transitioning into April. Or about how I'm drowning in school work, because I'm facing the most important exams of my life (so far!!!) in two weeks, but instead of doing that and being my whiny, anxious self, I will accentuate the positive, because there's a lot, actually.

Spring Break
It's not even that I'm doing anything, going away for vacation or hosting a big party or something (ha,me, yeah...right!). The simple knowledge that I will wake up tomorrow morning without having to go to school is so relaxing - it's like a drug, I'm telling you (not that I ever tried. really, promise!I fear for my lungs if I only sense cigarette smoke!).

(If I looked like that when I run, I'd totally try the Olympics, too :D)

My First Official 10K
Apart from the fact that I was so excited (okay, anxious) about it that I (and the rest of my family) had a really hard time sleeping the nights before the event - it was the best experience I made in a very long time! The thing about always running alone and never going on events stay alone. And your running can feel very senseless when it's never for something. Now that I've done it one time, I'm addicted. Thousands of people in one place who love to do what I love doing, too. Who actually care about the differences between a morning and night run and a barefoot running shoe and a normal get the picture. It's just like bookblogging.

The Sims 3
Will I ever grow up? I don't think so. There I was, thinking I had finally left that phase where I could spend days in front of a computer screen with little animated characters who speak their own language - which I don't even understand . Apparently not. Oh well, it's not like I'm ...ummm... seven books behind on my Goodreads challenge or something. Or, you know, in the middle of studying for exams....

Lés Miserables
Yes, I'm talking the movie. That new one that came out and that brought Anne Hathaway an Oscar and that I went to see in theater and that I came out of with the desperate wish to become a musical star? Yup, that one. And now I cannot help myself, I have to listen to that soundtrack 24/7. It's my life.

Soo...what were your highlights this week? Are you doing something special for Spring Break? Are you maybe a runner, too? Or do you want to be one? Or a musical star? And have you seen Lés Miserables?

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