March 26, 2013

One Year Anniversary!!!

Happy Birthday to meeee! Exactly this day, one year ago, I uploaded my very first post on the Booksmartie. 
It's been a great, sad, adventorous and exciting year for me - in the blogging universe and beyond - and in the next few days to come I want to share the highlights with you guys! I hope you enjoy!

Looking Back On...Blogging in Everyday Life

With the late spring and early summer month the routine I developed became...a habit. Basically, that meant two things. 
-One, I got posts done faster because I actually knew what to do and didn't feel completely lost with all the symbols and settings on blogger.
-With that, blogging found its way into my everyday life. 
-started reading whenever I found a free minute or two, taking notes on my phone for my reviews 
-made it a habit to check other blogs during breakfast, watch Youtube reviews as I cleaned my room and so on.

One important milestone during those months was Bout of Books 4.0 - my first Read-a-thon.
-recommend everyone but especially new bloggers to participate in an event like that
-makes you feel more at home in the blogging universe 
-having a common goal and so many opportunities to talk about it and interact with each other.

Bout of Books was also my first time seriously trying to use Twitter together with my blog - which I've been failing at miserably ever since. 
-forget it even exists 
-only very rarely actually post something on there.

With June came summer and with that my first themed reading month,
- summer-y contemporaries beyond -measure 
- but also Meg-a-Readers, another Read-a-thon
-didn't finish the way I wanted to. 
-Once-Upon-a- Readathon ended the same way 
- if not worse. That was also when I
- learned that sometimes however much fun things are, I can't do them all at the same time :) 

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