March 03, 2013

Weekly Favorites

This week's favorites are just going to be super short as I am super busy with school (and hate every second of it)!

Running/Fitness Blogs
Some of you may know I'm a runner, so all those other people coming up with amazing tips and info and experiences really inspire me to take things up a notch (because, you know...I'm not drowning in homework or something...)

Food Preparation
This one is related to number one - I just learned how amazing it feels when you crave a box of raw carrots (and yes, that does actually happen to me) and you have it right there in your fridge - perfect!

Have you guys noticed the huge debate on Youtube about Women on Youtube? No? Tip it in the search bar and enjoy - I love how so many girls and women rushed to speak up so fast. Go ladies!

The Sun
Because I'm so sick of snow and rain and shitty weather and I miss the summer so, sooo much! Can't wait.

Okay, I really need to go now. Hope you all have an awesome week ahead of you :)

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