July 15, 2013

Good Morning Monday #2

Good Morning lovelies, how are you all today?

Time flies by, doesn't it? When I last checked, I was just out of school and there was snow everywhere (that was back in April) and now, half of July is already over - weird, isn't it? I, at least, can't keep up anymore!

Anyway, let's come to the important stuff. Like this.

Let's just laugh a little, shall we? All together, on three!

See? Mondays aren't that bad! And even if you think they're bad, maybe we can try to raise the mood one more time by thinking of all the fantastic things that lie ahead of us, yes? Ok.
So, for me that would be catching up on my reading as I am the laziest person in the world right now.
I did get through Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend last week - which was uh-mazing!! However, since that was the only book I finished last week, I still have Myra McEntires books Hourglass and Timepiece and Amanda Sun's Ink to read. Let's press our thumbs together so that I can actually get through them all!!!

As for this week's topic - it's Indie! And by that I mean all kinds of Indie. Indie books, Indie music, Indie authours  - you get the gist! Just check in from time to time to see reviews of at least one (and maybe two) awesome novels, a discussion post that's not so much a discussion at all, and a book I want on my shelf like crazy!

In other news, although I am ridiculously slow right now (for whatever reason), I start training for my first marathon EVER this week - so that's exciting.
Alongside that I AM DETERMINED (sorry for the shouting....) to do blogilates videos for at least 90 minutes and Nike Training Club workouts for at least 45 minutes this week...should be doable considering it's summer and I have basically nothing else to do!!!

Okay, I guess that's it for me and for today. Now, let me know, what books you plan on finishing this week and - if you're into fitness and stuff - what your favorite workout is! Do you like Running - or Pilates? 

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