July 07, 2013

The One Million Dollar Question

For everyone who finds themselves as behind as I do, here's an update: It is, in fact, July.
And although the changes for the blog that I announced back in May still haven't happened yet - I do plan on letting them happen as soon as tomorrow, Monday, starts.
Now, before you go ahead and prepare yourselves for the upcoming apocalypse, hurricane or at least very big riot on the blog, let me tell you - it's not going to be all that mindblowing.
Basically, it's just  a way for me to come up with post ideas and making blogging a bit more extaordinary for myself.
Anyway, I'll stop rambling now and tell you what's going to be new.

The Schedule

Well, kind of.You will still get your Top Ten Tuesday every week. And you might have noticed that I started doing Wishlist Wednesday and Follow Friday on alternating weeks to have more time and space for unique posts, and less for memes. For example, I really, really hope that I can do one Discussion Post per week. Another new thing will be Good Morning Mondays! (more on that below) and my weekly updates on Sundays.

Good Morning Monday!(s)

This is the major new feature I want to include. In these posts, going up on Monday mornings, I will update you on the general topic/theme that the blog will follow for that week - probably usually correlating with whatever topic the TTT is about. In GMM!, I also plan on telling you which books I want to read that week, which releases I am excited about and bookish events that are worth getting all hyped up about. 


(okay, so that's themed benches, not posts, but I guess you get the point)

As I mentioned above, for the month of July, I want to try and see if I can work with weekly themes for the blog - and if you would like me to continue that. I believe it would give the blog a lot more struture. I won't always match my weekly themes with the TTT topics - although I realized in my July planning that it works quite well. What I really, really want, though, is to come up with topics that you, my readers, are interested in.
So, I'm going to finish this post by asking you the number one million dollar question:

What do you want to see on the blog? Which topics are you interested in? Would you like to see me, exploring the (completely foreign to me!!!) world of HTML and blog design? Do you want me to read books in other languages (that, I imagine, could turn out quite interesting!)? Do you want me to talk about other "species" of booklovers, like BookTubers, librarians,...I-can't-think-of-anyone-else-right-nows...?

Let me know in the comments, I'd love to read your thoughts!!!

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