July 24, 2013

We Have to Save Ourselves

This post is different from pretty much every other one I've ever written for this blog - and that's because I don't usually have a thought and write. Usually, I think about something for weeks and weeks and then decide to share :) This time, though, I watched the Youtube video below and thought BAM, yes, she's right.
And this has got to be shared.

Up until now, I didn't even give this a thought. I mean, maybe I have. In the back of my mind where thoughts lure and voices talk that I simply do not want to listen to.
The good thing about the Internet is that we all get to have an outlet. A place where we can share and exchange thoughts and find and befriend people who care about the same things and go through similar phases in their lives.
I could go on and on about what good the Internet does for those who have trouble finding people they get along with. Blogs and Youtube channels build the icing of the cake, those are the big platforms where we talk and write about all the things that matter most to us. Meanwhile, Tumblr and Pinterest have strength in Pictures seeing as most of the things you see on those sites are images that express whatever the person posting feels passionate about.
And lastly, we have Twitter and (somehow) Facebook where real connections and conversations seem to come alive, where thousands of people unite, usually via hashtags.

I'm going to be honest with you: throughout the past year, the Internet has been my lifesaver. And, as this is the internet and a serious topic, I will correct myself and say that it has been a lifesaver in the metaphorical sense - not the literal one.

What I mean is that, instead of going to school, doing my homework and then getting lost behind the pages of a book, I got to put myself out there, talk about books with other people and have a feeling of company that I had been craving for a while.
Anyway, when it comes to the Internet, I think we all have to remember very clearly that it is - after all - a virtual world we live in. Not only virtual, but not real, either.
Before you start telling me in which ways the Internet is fueled by the thoughts and words, pictures and videos of real, living people - and therefore must be real as well as alive - let me get something out.
This virtual world we wander around is in many ways not that different from the fictional worlds most of us tend to spend our free time in.
Of course, we get to talk to people who really exist. But just like Harry Potter, many of them we will never meet. Just like we will never deal with Draco Malfoy at our real school, we will never experience a real fight through digital drama. Just because we had a lively discussion on Twitter about the ending of a book doesn't mean we could say the same arguments with the same amount of confidence in class.
I definitely love blogging. I love our little (hah, what? little!) virtual world here, I wouldn't want to miss any one of the seconds I spend in it.
I do think that it's important that we never try to replace something in our real worlds with the Internet more than just temporarily.
Having a blog is great, amazing! I always have something to say! I always have someone to say it to!
However, recently I just realized that we have to give our best in our real lives anyway. We have to take risks, we have to overcome fears, we have to make ourselves go out that door and talk to people and try to live the best lives we can.
Every day.

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