December 02, 2013

End of the Year #ReadingCram

Can you believe how long ago my last Read-a-thon was? No, me neither! So I decided to participate in this one and kick of my End of Year reading - which really could use a boost!

I'm not quite sure which books I'm gonna read yet, though...suggestions?


  1. Yay! So glad you're doing this! >.<
    Not sure what to suggest to you! Depends what genre you're in the mood for... If dystopian I'd say For Darkness Shows the Stars (I'm reading that one) ..
    Can't wait for this to start! Woohoo!

  2. Yay for that recommendation! It's been on my radar forever!! And I'm pretty sure the sequel is out already, right? Waah, need to get to it! Sounds SO good!


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