December 09, 2013

#Reading Cram Kick Off: What I Plan on Reading this Week

I know, I know the task was to feature the books you want to read in three weeks, but I am still in London until Friday, so I guess the real Read-a-Thon where I get a ton of books done (oh, please, pretty, pretty please!) will have to wait until I'm home. Also, that's where the majority of my unread books are. As of right now, I can only say which books I may (or may not...) read this week and it will highly depend on what I'm in the mood for.

I would like to read/finish:

On WritingThis Song Will Save Your LifePoison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles, #1)

Books I'm likely to start:

Because It Is My Blood (Birthright, #2)The Testing (The Testing, #1)Crash (Crash, #1)

The thing is, after reading Crash Into You, I have fallen into that dangerous trap of wanting to only read books with seriously messed up issues, super romantic and steamy relationships. Then, I read Ten Tiny Breaths and - fell even deeper into that trap!
So please (!) if you have any recommendations for books that are like Katie McGarry's (or can steal her latest manuscript for me) then do so, because I am dying here :D


  1. I also want to read The Poison Princess! Good luck with your goals!

  2. Good luck dear! Oh I'm surprised you haven't given up on Poison princess yet lol. I know you never really got into it ;)
    I'm setting up my goal post too! I'll talk to you on twitter and cheer you on :) I can't wait to get through all the books I need to get through! :)

  3. You have a really good selection there. I've heard of a couple of them but I haven't read them so I'd interested to see what you think of them. Good luck!

    x Ely

  4. You have a nice variety in your list! I still need to read Poison Princess. Good luck with the read-a-thon!

  5. I can't wait to read Stephen King's book on writing. I've some some great reviews of that book. Great choice!


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