December 05, 2013

Review: Allegiant by Veronika Roth

Attention: This is more of a discussion of the book than a review. It does contain spoilers of all THREE books, so if you have not read Allegiant yet, don't you DARE scroll any further down!!!

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)

I didn't want to do a review for this book for obvious reasons. One, not everyone has read it or even the other books, so I don't want to spoil something, but that would have meant Mini Review, and you can't have a Mini Review on Allegiant because that's just wrong.
Then again, I am not even sure I have this much to say about Allegiant. It's been  four weeks since I finished it and I have to say, my feelings - like almost everyone else's - are still very mixed.
On the one hand, there is Tris's death but the thing is, it didn't really shock me.
Granted, I thought Tobias would die and he didn't eventually, but I knew one of them was going to die and I just didn't think it would be Tris because she was telling the story (I thought).
So, no Tris's death didn't shock me. Also, because honestly? I was a bit disappointed by the scene and how it all happened. 
I mean, there she goes through death serum that would have killed ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING ON THAT PLANET  and  she FORGETS HER GUN AT THE FRONT DOOR?
Yes, you truly are a smart-ass, Triss Prior. 
Okay, let's not rant, because I really didn't hate the book.
But let's talk  about how I didn't like the two different viewpoints. Didn't expect that to happen, didn't have a good feeling when I realized it was happening and then I just got confused.
Sorry, but you can't do that. 
You cannot have two different people telling the story and not have them sound different because I WILL turn back to see who is talking and I WILL  get annoyed if that happens more than four times throughout the book.
It happened in every single chapter. 
Then there was the world outside of Chicago which I thought was lame. 
I'm sorry, I might just be dumb and should have expected this, but I literally sat there with my jaw open, like "What? That's everything? Freaking scientific experiments???"
I really did believe in war and destruction and chaos and a group of Divergent who save them all. Not that I like war, I don't. But I liked the saving them all and action part. 
Wasn't happening. My last complaint, I swear. 
Not enough action. 
For a last book, this was like a lullaby singing me to sleep. Nice, yes, but not the big epic finale I wanted. 
The good thing was the romance, in my opinion. I liked that Tris and Tobias, as the officially only couple in YA, are so stable and so grown up in their relationship. I loved how they dealt with problems the responsible and not the squeamish, hysterical way. 
I like that Veronika Roth, who is herself still pretty young, could even write about romance like this. I really, really liked that part. 
Overall, I have to say, I really enjoyed reading Allegiant for what it was, too. 
Roth's writing style in this one just blew me away! I want her to never stop writing books or any kind of words linked into sentences, really, because she does it so beautifully!
All in all, this was an enjoyable read, but I thought she got lost finishing off the plot and forgot that this was actually supposed to be a book so full of action that you will remember it forever and ever. 

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  1. I didn't like the two viewpoints either. I kept forgetting if I was reading from Tobias's or Tris's viewpoint and that kept confusing me but otherwise I loved the book! It was so like Tris to forget the gun and I really liked the way she died. It wasn't like explosions and big things but he just shot her which was fantastic. I have recovered from the shock already (though it too time!)! I think it's great that the main character dies because so often they survive.. :)


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