January 10, 2014

An Abundance of Poetry

Hello lovelies!! 

For those of you who don't know what Bout of Books is - I got some questions in the comments: it is a one-week-Read-a-Thon to be found here.

Bout of Books

Usually, there are two challenges a day to participate in and in my goal post I said I wanted to do them all - which I have accomplished until today! 

Today's challenges both focus around fun "poetry" projects, so I thought I'd post them on the blog for you  and not leave my entries in the comments like I normally do. I hope you enjoy! 

The firsts challenge is hosted by TheBookSpines:

For this challenge,  use books you currently have available, and arrange the spines to make a poem. Then take a picture, and share it with the web! For example, here is a simple poem that I used last year when I participated in this challenge. While I'm awful at poetry, I tried to make everything revolve around criminals and punishment! 

(sorry about the blurry picture. I tried 32 times. No really, there are now 32 pictures of this stack on my phone. And I'm giving up)

Basically the poem goes like this: 

Last Sacrifice 

Just One Day
Before I fall

The Diviners 
Star Cursed
An Abundance of Katherines 

The second challenge is hosted by Never Too Fond of Books

The rules are simple:

Open your current book to the last page you read.
Using the last word of every line, create a poem or story. You must use every word (but they do not have to be in order), and you may add punctuation as necessary. If a word is split between the end of the line and the beginning of the next one, you may choose whether or not to use it.
Create a post (or tweet or video) that showcases your masterpiece. If you don’t have anywhere else to post it, you can add it as a comment here and use the comment link as your entry.
Add it to the linky on this post.

The book I chose was Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys: 

Out of the Easy

the, was, adjust, a, restaurant, jukebox, bar, bartender, eyes, back, the, view, as, i, right, side, arms, an, willie, proud, vending, it, hole, out, napkin, the, counting 

Haha, great selection of words, eh? That's what you get when you read a book set in the 1950s! 

Back in the days, Daily Joe's was my restaurant. 
I loved the bar and knowing every shady creature entering on silent soles, hiding behind their hoods. 
Knowing what their faces look like when no one else does. 
The jukebox is playing, old songs, so often and so long until I can sing along and
turn from hating to loving them. 
You adjust to the music and the music adjusts to you. 
Sometimes I stare longingly at the vending machine. 
Hoping that it works. 
Knowing that it never has. And never will. 
And when the view out the windows has nothing more
to offer
than the blackness of the night. 
And when there is a hole in my stomach 
and everything in me yearns to leave this place behind. 
A pair of eyes is glued on my shoulders, 
as I turn around 
the bartender (Willie) takes my arm
 and I walk right by his side, 
out the door,
 the musty Daily Joe's 
And we walk and we walk and he walks me home. 

And as we walk, we are counting the stars. 

Okay, that's it for today! I hope you all have a faboulous weekend!! 

Have you ever done book spine poetry? Do you like it? 

I personally LOVE having random words and making a random story out of them!!! 


  1. I like your poems! I've always wanted to make a poem from book spines, it sounds so fun and creative :) Thanks for sharing! <33

    1. Thanks! It certainly was fun to write them :D

  2. Love your poem and story! The story just draws you in and makes you want to know more. They have had some great challenges for Bout of Books.

    1. Thank you!!! I LOVED every challenge they hosted!! So creative!


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