January 28, 2014

Top Ten Worlds I'd Never Want To Live In

I would honestly consider this topic a bit longer, but I've already spent 30 minutes staring at a blinking cursor, so I will just switch things up a bit to make it easier: 

Top Ten Worlds No One But Me Would Ever Want To Live In 

1) Divergent 

Actually, I wouldn't even care in which fraction I'd live. I think that's what mostly draws me to it...knowing where I'd most belong (although I have a slight feeling it'd be Erudite...). The war and stuff is, of course, unfortunate, but the world itself seems so much more interesting! 

2) The Shadowhunter World 

Okay, I'm pretty sure everyone would be perfectly happy in a Shadowhunter New York or London or Alicante or wherever it is you'd live - just for the Shadowhunter powers and the cool missions you and your friends get on. 

3) The Born Wicked Trilogy 

Everyone already knows that I love these books, but I thought I'd mention it again. And, wow, their world is terrifying!! These people are all evil!! But I'd still love to live there :) 

4) The Wonderland in Splintered 

I'm probably not alone with this one, either, but it is quite terrifying from what I've read so far! However, I love everything magical, so this had to be on the list! 

5)1950s New Orleans from Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys

Just love. Just love. If you told me I could switch times right now, I would. I wouldn't even put shoes on. 

6) Ravka from Shadow and Bones

This is actually the first world that I maybe don't want to live in after all. I never realized that until now,  but it's the only fictional world I know that doesn't make everything better through its magical elements. It's dark, cold and terrifying and ...no, not even I would want to live there. 

7) The Caster World from Beautiful Creature 

But I demand that I can be a caster. Being human in a paranormal world like that just sucks. Sorry, Ethan. 

8) The Dystopian World from the Birthright Trilogy 

But only if I can be part of the mafia and still have chocolate from time to time!! 

9) The Dystopian World in Ilsa J. Bick's novels 

No. Just no. I wouldn't set foot in there. Ever. And neither should  you. 

10) Of course I can't think of a number ten. I NEVER HAVE A NUMBER TEN!!!

PS: Guys! I have been terrible at replying to comments this past week! I am sorry! You should know, though, that I always follow them up! I do look at all your blogs and comment on most of them. But because of Uni and applications for summer, I'm a bit stressed out and it might take a day or two :( 


  1. I don't know many of these, but if it's a dystopia, it's probably unwelcoming and not something you'd want for yourself. :)
    I am quite torn over Divergent though, I just want a peek! :D

  2. OOh nice picks! Lots of new ones to me here except for Divergent! That made my list too!

    Here's my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)


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