November 28, 2012

Another milestone...

...that makes me so happy!!
You don't even understand - I got up this morning, tired and confused and not wanting to leave my warm bed for anything at all- and then I crouched down in front of my laptop, I shoved the first spoonful of oatmeal into my mouth, chewed (fast forward, my chewing process takes a while...) and BAM! There it was! Two hundred and ONE followers! Oh my...I was SO excited! I should maybe add that lately I haven't been watching my follower count - I was happy when I got my posts typed and uploaded on time and when I found a minute or two to comment on other people's blogs - so that when I saw that number (over 200!!!) it really surprised me and I really basically jumped up and down this whole day long and trust me - if it weren't for you guys out there - who knows if I had survived those two periods of Maths today???
Whatever, I just wanted to say:

THANK YOU! You mean so much to me...I can't even think of how this blog, you followers have helped me through a lot of stuff that's been going on but also where I would be as a reader...

I'm happy :D That's just what I wanted to let you know today. I hope your day is as great as mine was!

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