November 11, 2012

Words of the Week

Crossed (Matched, #2)Brave New WorldCode Name Verity


My Phone - has come back to me. Which makes me very mad because now I don't have any reason to invest everything I earned since I got an after school job in an Iphone. Life sucks :)

My Bookbuying Ban  - is over now and that is the only advantage my old phone brought me. I don't have anything to save up for *sigh* so I might as well turn my bedroom into a library...

My Reading Process - is sooo slow right now. I hate when school takes over my life...

My Blogging Schedule - will change a tiny little bit this week :) I decided to stop participating in Feature & Follow Fridays for a while and try Desperately Wanting Wednesday instead - I hope you guys will enjoy that just as much!


Crossed - was amazing! I don't even understand why so many people didn't like it...just like Matched it's one of my favorites this year! I can't wait for Reached...

Brave New World - is the book we read in school right now. It's definitely interesting...but the society in it is kind of disturbing...

Code Name Verity - is pretty confusing so far, but I think I'll like it :)

And (hopefully for the last time) I don't have any books to show you guys :(

1 comment:

  1. Glad you have a phone now!!
    Working does suck, and unfortunately it will always interfere with your reading schedule :(


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