November 04, 2012

Words of the Week

A little late, but it's coming :) Sorry everything is so messed up right now...


My Phone - came back to me. Bummer! I had the perfect excuse to start saving up for an Iphone!

New - apartment as you guys probably already know...I moved the weekend before this and even though it's only a ten minute walk from my old home I feel so weird! After all, I've lived in that house for twelve years (which is quite a long time when you're seventeen!)

Math - is not my best subject. We're having a super important exam on Wednesday and I'm going to fail big time - I'm desperate...


Beastly - totally surprised me! Never thought I'd love it so much!
Crossed - totally has me in already...the pacing is just unbeatable!
Code Name Verity - is the next book I consider to's set in the time that my next history exam is going to be about :D

This is everything for now. I'm crazy busy trying to keep up with my reviews and posts for the next week *wiping the sweat off my forehead*

Still no new books, by the way...although I'll probably stop my bookbuying ban.

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