November 25, 2012

Words of the Week


Exams - I'm almost through with the second round, the worst ones are definitely over and I'm looking forward to a peaceful December with...
Christmas music - and lots of it! I really want to get into the mood this year! you have any recommendations for great titles or radio stations?
Cookies - plates of them :D Now that it seems like I've got a bit of time on my hands, I'll bake cookies like there's no tomorrow - who's with me?
Books - nothing beats a few wonderful Christmas stories for those cold December nights when you're wrapped up in your blanket with a cup of hot tea or chocolate :) Again - suggestions for great Christmas stories?


I have only read one English book this week - Under The Never Sky by Veronika Rossi - and I'm only about fifty pages into that one. Anyway, it's pretty good so far :)
I also just finished Starters by Lissa Price - but the German translation of it. Why, you ask? Well...for one my library only has German books (duh!) and then...
I finally started my new blog!!! The German one! This may not be as interesting for any of you because - of course - it's in German but if you do speak German and are interested in the books I review over there, you might want to check it out :)

So...that's everything this week! No books for me, I got my fair share with last week's haul :D

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