January 17, 2013

Review: Wings by Aprilynne Pike


by Aprilynne Pike

Wings (Wings, #1)

Hardcover,290 pages
Published May 5th 2009 by HarperTeen
#1 in the Wings Series

A Long Story...short!

In my opinion, reading Wings or not reading Wings won't make a huge difference to your life. You read the synopsis, you guess how the story will begin, continue and end and the story will begin, continue and end exactly how you thought it would. The characters will seem familiar, the same thing is true for the plot. So...what does that leave us with? Right! A book that you can read if you want to destract yourself from other stuff in your life...like homework or besties drama. If you're looking for a whole new world to explore Wings, the first installment in a new series, won't be your book. I'm not so sure about its sequel, though...

RATING: 3 out of 3 Smarties

Review for You:

Very different from most Paranormal Romance novels, Wings actually comes with a background story that I as a reader was willing to believe. Instead of just throwing the paranormal stuff out there and letting me deal with it all on my own which usually ends with a lot of eye-rolling and moaning until I finally raced through the book, the author gives - very scientific sounding - explanations for what's going on with our main character, Lauren.
Now, that doesn't mean this was the kind of story I'd tell anyone about and expect him or her to be surprised by how academically advanced the books I read are, but - in the community that we find ourselves in - Wings deserves a spotlight for its realistic aspects.
What is there besides good background information, you ask? Well...not much I answer. There's a girl that appears pretty perfect to me. So perfect it sometimes ran shivers down my spine and something entirely different up my throat, a cute boy who unfortunately lacked any sign of a personality, some very dramatic events accompanied by predictable endings and a detective story that was just...weird. Yeah, I felt like the antagonists and the plot twists just randomly appeared in Lauren's way to somehow give this book a plot. In general, Wings was structured in a ... rather uncommon way. It takes ages until something actually happens in the book and then it takes another decade until Lauren understands what's happening. Basically, everything I knew from reading the synopsis, happened during the first half of the book which is not very funny as it makes that first half predictable.
The second half then serves as a source of suspension and dangerous plot which I didn't think was very dangerous at all. Unreasonable, yes, but thrilling? Not so much.

All in all, Wings is a nice book. It's by far nothing special and you could easily exchange it for any other Paranormal Romance, but it's a quick read and it does after all have potential because I feel like in later novels we might get to see a whole other world - literally - and that could be pretty epic and interesting. Anyway, as of right now, I highly doubt I will pick up the second book.

Review for me:

Favorite Quote: Uh...didn't exactly find it quote-worthy.

What I Learned from this book: If you have to write about Paranormal Creatures, it is a good thing to think of how that creature functions, how it stays alive, why it is so different etc. Makes the story believable. AND plants are vegan. And cannibals. Because...you know...they eat plants...

What I want to remember from this book: Nothing much.

When should I reread this book? When I feel like reading a book that destracts me without giving me anything to think about :D

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