January 27, 2013

Youtube Sunday

So...Sundays and I...we never really got along really well. When I started this blog back in March 2012 it used to be Kristy from The Story Siren's In My Mailbox. I stopped doing that for reasons that would absolutely fit into the ongoing discussion (okay, drama) I'm definitely going to stay out of :)
Then I started to do my very own thing with Having My Coffee on Sundays where I just randomly talked about my week in books. And sometimes, those posts even had a point. I had to stop doing that when I promised myself to stop drinking coffee (didn't work out, by the way) and moved on to Words of the Week. The problem with that? Sometimes there just aren't a lot of words for my week. Sometimes my week is nothing but a bunch of responsibilities, duties and school blurring together without making sense to me...
So what I decided to do from now on is Booktube Sunday.
Now...what exactly is Booktube Sunday going to be, you ask? Well, a few weeks ago someone on Twitter asked me what bookshelf tours are. And that was the moment I realized there actually were people, avid readers out there, who are completely unfamiliar with the booktube community!
And I think those people are missing out! I personally love watching many bookish youtube channels whenever and wherever. I watch them as I'm doing homework, laundry, chores, clean my room or just simply when I'm bored and have the time. With not typed but taped (hehe) reviews there are so many new possibilities that I think booktubers are using amazingly - they are so creative with the opportunities they have that sometimes I wish I was one of them!
Okay, so I think I've done enough rambling for today. On to the first Youtube Channel that I watch religiously!

This channel I just discovered recently but it' s so amazing! I love how hilariously funny her videos are and I can't stop watching them - I'm addicted. I especially love how Christine sees things exactly as they are (go watch her video on shopping in bookstores!) but has such a witty way of putting them in her videos. And now go check out her channel and subscribe!

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