January 22, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Settings I'd Like To See More Of (Or At All)

1) Harry Potter's Wizarding World
I just have to mention it. I know it's probably boring all of you who have been following my blog for a while because it's always Harry Potter with me, but...it's an obsession. Can't handle it!
2) Really, really fantastical Worlds
Admittedly, I have my struggles with worlds like the one in the Inheritance Series or Middle Earth. What I crave is a world like the one in Cornelia Funke's Inkheart - I loved that one! Usually, though, the stories in those worlds have a lot of travelling and that quest-like vibe to them and I get bored by that really fast, sadly :/
3) Underwater Worlds
Ever since I was a little girl I loved mermaids and the possibility of kingdoms under the sea...but for some reason I've only ever read one single mermaid book and that one was not as much fun as I hoped it would be.
4) Anything in the Sky (not necessarily space, though)
I'm not particularly interested in Sci-Fi and space and all that, but I think I'd enjoy a story that takes place in the clouds...like...a kingdom build on the clouds or something...
5) Real settings (like haunted malls, theaters, schools etc.)
I read Tempestuous in December which is a story that is set in a mall and there's a bad snowstorm outside so no one can get out and they form groups and spy on each other and stuff and I figured - I love those kinds of stories!
It's just...in me. I love boarding schools. Seriously, put one in your book and I'm bound to love it.
7) Other countries /China...and Russia maybe, or some place in Africa)
Books are such a great way to learn about new people and traditions and culture and stuff...why always read stuff that's made up by the author to make our own world more interesting? Why not read about a world that is real and that we know only very little about?
8) Big Cities (like L.A or New York)
Because I love it when you really get into that Big City mood (I'm from a very small village...so...you know...)
9) Historical places (and I do not mean Victorian London!)
Because if I wanted to read about Historical London or any well known town in Italy or France I know there's a million books out there. I want unique historical settings, please! How about...Poland?
10) A Smalltown like Gatlin
I loved Gatlin from the Beautiful Creatures books. The town plays such a big and important role in all for books...I wish every author would do that!


  1. I love boarding school setting of all types. I am also a big fan of road trip settings. http://wp.me/pzUn5-1nQ

    1. I've only ever read one roadtrip-like book and that was Libba Bray's Going Bovine. I really didn't like it. The road trip thing is not to blame, but I'm pretty hesitant about road trips now anyway :/

  2. So, I've seen under the sea on a ton of lists this week...including mine! I think there should be more mermaid books...maybe there are and I just haven't found them? Also, I completely agree with boarding school books. Seriously. If your book has characters attending a boarding school, its an automatic win in my book! :)

    1. Hehe, yeah I definitely have a weakness for boarding schools,too :) The problem with the mermaid books is, I think, that there are quite a few, but many of them didn't really get good reviews so I'm hesitant to buy them :)

  3. Sea seems to be pretty popular with this topic and I totally agree. I also have loved mermaids since I was little. Any time I read a mermaid book I end up adoring it. I also want to see more of sky but not space. I've actually never read a book set in a sky like world. I want more unique worlds that you can't compare to another book! Great list this week :)


    1. Hey, I was just thinking - could you recommend a few mermaid books? Really, really good ones? Because I am so unfamiliar with the genre!

  4. I love the small town atmosphere - I wish I thought to list that.

    I love HP, and it is always HP with me too. Although, as much as I love HP, I like that there are only 7 books. I feel like it makes the books that much more precious. That said, were Rowling to write other Wizarding World books, I would be all over them :)

    Great list!

    1. That's true! The fact that there are only seven books - and that I love them all so much - actually is what makes the series so special. With Cassandra Clare's books, as an example, I feel like I don't appreciate each one as much because I know there are still so many to come :)

  5. Your list has pretty much a bit of everything so I really like it. I'd like to read more books based on underwater settings, I don't think I have read more than a couple.

    Great list =D

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday post!

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile


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