May 06, 2012

Having My Coffee #2

Good afternoon everyone! Or whatever time of day it is where you live :)
As for me, I should be sitting here on the couch, netbook on my lap, coffee in hand, relaxing. Well... I am not. I'm actually trying not to hyperventilate seeing the tons of homework I have in front of me plus the exams I've got to study for plus all the extra work for projects and stuff. And this is me working towards an excuse for the fact that
a) my posts have been kind of inconsistent during the past week and
b) they will be inconsistent the week to come

BUT after that I think I'll be free. Of schoolwork, I mean. And I think I'm gonna be reading and reviewing and blogging a lot more!
Now, on to the actual topic of the day.
Which is Ebooks.
The thing is, Ebooks are super-convenient. They are (most of the time) cheaper than physical copies. You can get them 24/7. They are all available. All the time.
Now, my problem is that I just love physical copies. I not only love having an actual book in my hand, I also love it on my shelf and I love to leave stuff in it. I miss that when I'm reading an Ebook.
Also, I don't have an Ereader. I have my netbook and my phone with the Amazon Kindle App and that's okay. Still, I find myself always reading the books that are on my shelf or order books online than reading or buying Ebooks.
I was hoping that maybe some of you could leave me some suggestions in the comments. Like which books do you read as Ebooks and which ones do you buy physical copies of? I thought it'd be a good idea to buy the books with not-so-beautiful covers for the Kindle Apps or to only buy an Ebook if it's extremely inexpensive.
And if you own an ereader you could tell me which one you have and how you like it, because I'm actually considering buying one...
So, that's it for today's topic.
Due to time management complications ;) I haven't gotten the chance to buy or order any books, so this is the only one I got this week:

Narrative Loserdom by Ryan Collins (for review)

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