May 13, 2012

Having My Coffee #3

My most important/worst to study for exams are OVER! School is over in seven weeks! I'm free!!! Almost...
But whatever comes during the next few weeks is not going to stress me out so much anymore. So that I'm gonna have enough time to read and blog and review and I can't wait for my six weeks of summer- I'm really hoping to spice up this blog a LOT during that time.
As of right now I'm just trying to figure out how that Readathon works that starts tomorrow. I'm not sure if you can still sign up for it, but if you can I'm thinking of participating...if I feel like I understand what's going on within the next 120 minutes (kinda unlikely!).
Okay, on to the actual topic of today: This week I thought a lot about the difference between Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. I paid special attention to these genres mostly because of the TotallyBooksessed  videos on youtube I watch regularly (and religiously). They introduced different sub-genres of YA and that made me think that maybe the reason for my struggle with liking most paranormal romance novels is that I just dislike the genre. I was reading Evernight this week which took me almost all week because most of the time I just didn't like it. I'm going to go into greater detail about that in my review for the book, but what I wanted to talk about in this post was how I LOVED Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments Series (at least parts of it) but couldn't get into Hush Hush, Evernight, the Twilight Saga...
I never really understood why. I mean, those are not bad books. They're loved and admired by millions of people. And I liked all of these authors' writing styles. And the characters (okay, most characters).
Well, yeah. I figured it might be the romance in those books. I didn't have a problem with the Beautiful Creatures Series which I think is because there's so much Fantasy and all those big showdown moments at the end of the books that it appears more like Fantasy to me than romance.
Also, I don't mind a BIT of romance in Fantasy. Like Ron and Hermione or Ginny and Harry? Or Clary and Jace or Simon and...whoever he is with at the moment? I love those little scenes when you see their relationships develop. I just don't like if the action is ruled by the romance. Or if the romance is the action. You can see this quite well in Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. Whenever there's a relationship conflict the characters are affected by that. They just don't stop fighting for whatever it is they have to fight for at the moment. While with Twilight I always felt like there was no other topic than Bella and Edward's relationship...
So, to sum it all up: I think whenever a book focuses too much on the romance and not enough on the Fantasy action I'm like "Where is this going? Where is the suspense? Where is the danger?" I guess I just don't find romantic relationships as nerve racking as High Fantasy action.
What do you think about that? Do you think there are more than the three YA Fantasy sub genres I mentioned? Which one do you like most? And why?

Books I got this week:

Okay, this might seem a bit much...and I'll admit I went kind of overboard with book shopping this week, but it's actually not that bad. I got two books (paperbacks!) for the full price (City Of Lost Souls, Social Suicide). Te rest of them I bought used and online. And I paid 20 euros (which is 25 dollars) for them all. Shipping included. So, yeah, I guess that's okay. No. Wrong. It's AWESOME! I'm so happy I got all of these ;)

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