May 27, 2012

Having My Coffee #4

Hello and a happy Sunday everyone!
I actually don't have that much to say today. Except for that thing I have to tell each and everyone of you guys who are reading this post right now: As I'm typing this over 40 people are following me, the Booksmartie via GFC which is something I never expected to happen. Not this fast, at least. So lately I've been thinking of a way to thank you for supporting me and I'm planning to host a Giveaway as soon as I reach 50 GFC followers (and figured out how it works...).  As I said I started blogging with very low expectations. I mean, English is not my first language and I'm often asking myself if this or that expression is used correctly. Besides, as much as it is impressive it is also intimidating seeing all these huge bloggers in the book community posting great reviews and author interviews and guest posts and what not and juggling blogging and reading in their schedules seemingly like nothing! Some of them even have a Youtube channel to manage as well!
So, yes it was intimidating starting out and sometimes it still is but I'm so happy for all of you great people following and commenting and for the heartly welcome you can sense anywhere in the community as a new blogger!
Blogging has become a huge part of my life by now and I never, ever want to stop doing it!

So thank you,
the Booksmartie

Books I got this week:


from Amazon:

for review:

Tess, Terrorists and the Tiara

Thanks so much to Middleton Books for offering me the review copy!

from NetGalley:
New FirstsOne MomentScarsGet Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for Teens


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