May 20, 2012

Having My Coffee #4

It's the same every time I land on Or in a bookstore. Or on a bookstore website. Or even on Goodreads. I recognize that I have some money left that I could spend on books and I start scrolling through my lists (either on Goodreads or the jotted down titles that can be found in my purses, jeans pockets, sock get the point) and I cannot STOP. Suddenly I notice that in order to pay for all these books I'd have to work a lifetime.
Of course, I could spend all the money available. But then there's still next month. Next week even. With new book releases, new reviews. And again I find myself in the difficult situation that is choosing. Throwing one book into the cart and the other one out.
So, today's topic (obviously) is choosing which books to buy and which books to leave on the shelves (in the bookstore, that is).
The rule I'm trying to follow is: only pick what you know. By which I mean I won't buy a book only because of the cover. Not that that works out for me all the time but I try to stick to this rule simply because it's so disappointing having spend money on a book I don't even like. It's even worse when I read the synopsis (later) and notice that if I'd read it before I wouldn't even have bought it.
The next rule is kind of an expansion on no.1. It's basically to read an excerpt of the book (on  to make sure I like the writing style. I don't always do that because it would just take way too much time but when I'm really insecure about a book (don't like the synopsis, cover issues, mixed reviews,...) I will check the excerpt first.
I will always buy the books from authors I really like. If there's a new Sarah Dessen or Cassandra Clare out there I definitely won't wait a second (although i have to admit I still haven't bought Clockwork Angel...I constantly forget!).
Another rule of mine is to try getting follow-ups in series or just books that have been published one or two years ago at used bookstores.
Still, the number one problem remains. What about new books? How do you decide which ones of the gazillion books coming out every month you buy and which ones you don't?

The books I did get this week (bought all of them myself):


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