September 14, 2013

A pretty sad Tackle Your TBR update post

Okay, so this readathon might not be going so well and I might have hoped to accomplish a bit more during this week - but not everything is lost, yet, right?

There's still all of next week and a little crumble of this week...

Okay, without further ado, this is my readathon progress for week one:

Books read: 1
Pages read: I have absolutely no idea... I lost track because my brain is not able to process numbers!
Books started: The Fault in our Stars by John Green (finished), Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnsson

You might wonder about the weird format and wacky design if this post, but it's really just supposed to be a quick update in how I am doing readathon-wise. By the way, I am typing this on my iPad mini and was wondering if any of you have tips on how to compose a (not so wacky) post on a tablet..? 

So, if you have ideas on that, please comment below, I'd love to know!!!

PS: to make this post a bit more colourful I'll include a picture of my room as it is as I'm typing...

Okay, it's pretty dark, but do you guys see that mess??? - explanation to that is a secret I've kept for month now - and that I'll let you in on tomorrow!!!!


  1. I type all my posts on my iPad. I use the blogger app or a post creator app. Google has a good one for writing blog posts. :)

  2. Wow, honey you just made me feel so much better! I haven't picked up a book all weekend and I keep meaning to clean the upstairs... looks like we're in the same boat! Kresley Cole's PP is on my TBR pile as well - I LOVE her Immortals After Dark series - but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I feel bad because I'm pretty sure the sequel comes out next month. :-( Oops. I should definitely start thinking about a TBR read-a-thon myself!


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