September 04, 2013

I Am Tackling My TBR - Wanna Join Me???

We won't talk about the Bout of Books 8.0 disaster, yes? Let's just...forget that it ever happened. Period.
I actually did not plan on doing another Read-a-Thon this summer. However, Diamond Cronen over at Dee's Reads asked so nicely on Twitter and we're pulling an all-nighter, too, so I basically absolutely can't say no and now I'm hooked and ready to take on another challenge!
This Read-a-hon is called the Tackle-Your-TBR- Readathon and you better believe I will tackle that stubborn thing this time.
My strategy for this one is just to find the right times of the day when I'm actually up for some reading and than just dive into the book. As Uni starts to get more and more real, I am dedicated to return to a normal schedule again. Remember how I used to be that time management genius? Yeah, exactly. I will get there again.
'Nough with the rambling, though. Who's with me on this? Please comment below and tell me if you're participating in the Read-a-Thon, too or what other fun bookish (virtual) events you have coming up this fall. I'd love to get back into the groove again :D
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Well, if any of those books on your TBR pile are sequels, at least 4 that is, you can come join my 2nd Annual September is for Sequels Challenge and also be entered to win a $20 gift card for participating!

  2. So glad you couldn't say no to me! I'm excited to read Poison Princess! And who knows, maybe well read another book too -- god knows there were a TON that we both wanted to read! Haha


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