September 10, 2013

Tackle Your TBR - Read-a-Thon Monday Update

Now, you guys, I'm happy to tell you I can make you the proudest blog readers ever.
Because I did actually reach my daily goal today!!!!
Isn't that an achievement? Yeah,  I can't believe it myself!
Let's recap what I planned to do today, shall we?
  • Read from 6 to 8PM
  • Never look on electronic devices during reading time!
  • Visit at least 5 blogs
I will just add that I visited more than 5 blogs AND read on the bus AND read in the doctor's office AND listened to an audiobook almost the whole time on my shopping spree (yes, I'm lame enough to go shopping all by myself. But hey, I really needed that stuff!)
Oh, and - before I forget - I did of course not post my entire reading list on my Kick-Off post. I was stupid enough to forget that I read Poison Princess with Diamond over at Dee's Reads. We originally planned on making it an all-nighter brain twists into one thick not whenever I try to find out which time it is where she lives and how far ahead of her time we are here in Germany get. the picture.
I hope, at least, because this is all I can tell you before I bang my head on the desk because I CANNOT convert time zones.
Anyway, this is how far I've come Monday  night:
Book Finished: 0
Pages Read: 155 + a couple of chapters in the audiobook
Books: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnsson


  1. Congrats :) I have also miraculously reached ALL of my daily goals! This might become a habit :D

    Time zone converting makes my head hurt and somehow I always end up with the wrong times :P So I try not to think about it :D

    1. Woot, woot! LOVE the feeling of accomplishment! And time zones suck!!! Seriously, why does the world have to be so complicated???

  2. Awesome! I am usually thrilled when I reach my reading goals too. Life always seems to intervene when I want to manage a few uninterrupted hours of reading time. I loved Poison Princess & can't wait for the second book and of course The Fault in Our Stars is incredible. I'm pretty happy with my progress too. I should have one audio book finished this evening and then make some significant headway on another. Good luck!


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