October 27, 2012

(Dusty) Skeletons on my Bookshelf....

{This Girl Reads}

Supposedly, everyone has a few skeletons in their closet—I think everyone has a few on their bookshelves, too. Today feature five books you've owned for a long time but never read.

Ohh...this one is easy! When I buy books I always buy a huge pile of them (I usually order them online) and that leads to LOTS of dust before I get to that book I just had to have immediately almost one year ago... ;)
Consider this a sneak-peak on all the books to be featured on this blog...within the next decade...

BeastlyBefore I FallThe Catastrophic History of You and MeClockwork AngelGraceling

Which books are collecting dust on your shelves? And which of these do you think I should read first?


  1. The only one I've read of those is Clockwork Angel, which I loved, but I've been meaning to read Beastly and Before I Fall for a while now. Haha, I'm like that too: I'll just be dying to get some book the moment it comes out—and then I don't read it for a few months. :P

    Great post! (:

  2. Clockwork Angels is one of my skeletons too! I didn't like Beastly at all (I'm picky about fairytale retellings), but Graceling is one of my favorite books ever!


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