October 07, 2012

Running Into October

...or rather: crouching! I'm SO late :)

So, let's hurry up and get started:

Books I read in September:

Need (Need, #1)Killer (Pretty Little Liars, #6)Eve (Eve, #1)The Princesses of IowaEmbrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1)Defiance (Defiance, #1)

Okay, so I didn't reach my goal of 12 books. Which is not that surprsing. I did read two more german books, though, which makes this an 8 books month which is quite good for me :)
I have to say I was rather disappointed with Defiance and Need, surprised by Eve and Embrace and in love with The Princesses of Iowa :)
Killer was...good, but like all the other PLL books...

Books I plan to read in October:

Beautiful ChaosHeartlessSweet EvilBorn WickedCrossedLove You to Death & High StakesAll These Things I've DoneEnclaveThe Immortal Rules

1) Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
...because book no. 4 is coming out this month ;)

3) Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
...because of the Sweet Evil Read Along.

All the others
...because of the Young Adult Reads October reading challenge on Goodreads.

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