October 25, 2012

Haunted Week - Bats in Your Book Pages

{This Girl Reads}

Even the biggest book enthusiasts have some bats in their belfries about things in books that drive them insane. Today tell your readers about five things that drive you crazy in books.

 Insta - Love 
It drives me nuts. Honestly.

Stereotypical Paranormal Romances
I hate superhero, snarky, sarcastic, paranormal boyfriends. I HATE when they think they need to protect their whiny girlfriends. I HATE when they can't be together because blaaaaah.... but they ARE together because they can't live/breathe/think straight without each other. Why can't they just go off and fight some kick-ass battles instead???

3. Wink, Wink, WINKS
You know that when you're reading a book and everything is fine and all of a sudden one character starts laying out his/her entire life story/philosophy in front of you and you're like wow...woah - would you just slow down? It works pretty much like this:
And then I realized I could not give up. I had to follow my dreams. All my life I had (blah....) but that was only because my mom was (blah...) and I never noticed that (blah...) until now and I was (insert detailed analysis of own self here).
Sometimes I'd like to visit authors who do this, pad them on the shoulder and say: It's alright. Just let your character be and I promise you I'll be smart enough to figure out his/her motives all on my own!

The Coolest Characters in the world
This is another specialty in many Paranormal Romances and I a at a point where it doesn't even annoy me anymore. I only find it funny. Just imagine someone tells you you're an angel/part angel/werewolf/vampire/any other paranormal creature. Of course, you would believe them the second he or she says it, right? You wouldn't question the existence of paranormal beings in our world, right? As the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend the first thing coming to your mind would be: Damn, that's annoying! Totally ruins the plans I had! But I can a least stay with my high school crush, right? Pretty, pretty please?

The desire to be someone else
Sometimes some authors seem to try to imitate their idols. I do get that. I'd probably do the exact same thing. BUT I believe that anyone's story - and especially voice - sounds a lot better than the voice of someone who copies the voice of someone else. I really don't like that, either.

Now, let's make this a rant fest - what do you hate in books?


  1. All good, annoying picks ;) Especially insta-love *shivers*
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Ninja Girl

    1. Woah - don't you just hate Insta-Love? I always feel like throwing the book against something when I stumble upon it :)

  2. I agree on all counts! I especially like #3. We really don't need to see a character's entire philosophy on relationships and life and himself. You summed it up perfectly! (:


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